Behind Happy Faces is the first of its kind mental health curriculum. The program uses cutting edge educational videos and lesson plans to enhance the emotional development of young people. The lessons utilize messaging that has been tested on over 1 million people, research from leading social psychologists and content creators from the film and television industry, to engage students with this proactive and impactful program.

The goal of the curriculum is to give students the tools they need to address mental health effectively, by providing a more complete education of mental health, understanding of brain development, teaching participants about coping mechanisms, and showing the important steps to help a friend in crisis.


Behind Happy Faces uses a two-part system to teach these lessons. The program utilizes short, highly creative, engaging videos to expose students to the knowledge necessary for understanding mental health in their lives. The lesson plans that follow each video have been constructed to maximize retention and improve students’ emotional relationships to themselves and others.  This system is designed to deliver information in a short timeframe, in order to meet students where they are, in the culture that they live.